Woolube Australian Lanolin Products

Australian owned and operated since 1990 Woolube manufacturers superior lanolin products for industries throughout the world.

Lanolin oil comes from the wool of sheep and is nature’s protective “raincoat” against the nature’s elements.

Lanolin protects sheep from the environment; from the dampness of rain and snow to the drying effects of the sun.

For many centuries ancient European warriors and mariners used Lanolin from wool grease to protect and lubricate their weaponry, leather and timber tools.

Woolube protective compounds incorporate anhydrous lanolin in a special combination of extremely efficient non-toxic corrosion inhibitors, penetrants and conditioning agents providing long term protection of all types of metals against rust acids, alkalines and salts.

Woolube products never evaporate or completely harden. Instead, Woolube forms a surface skin when exposed to air or water and remains soft in contact with metals – providing a non-stop “reservoir” of active anti – corrosion inhibitors.

Woolube grease and lubricants are food grade approved and have dielectric capabilities making them suitable contact with electrical circuits.

This natural, non-toxic product has virtually limitless applications.

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Naturally Superior

Nature's own corrosion protection and lubricant

Typical Applications