Very few, if any, products on the market today can boast that they have been designed by nature and rigorously tested for centuries. Woolube Lanolin Products can boast exactly that. We haven't tried to improve on nature's product, we simply made it easier to use!!!

Ancient European Warriors and Mariners used Lanolin (Wool Grease) to protect and lubricate their weaponry, leather and timbers for many centuries. To this day Lanolin serves many of the world's Navies, who insist on the time proven corrosion protection that Lanolin (Nature's own anti-oxidant) provides for all metal structures and fittings.

This natural, non-toxic product has virtually limitless applications in the modern boating industry and endless uses on farm machinery and irrigation equipment, in metal fabrication, for motor vehicle component protection, trailers, leather, sporting equipment, as a welding anti-spatter agent and for a multitude of household chores.